Karen’s Kinesiology – Improving Health and Wellbeing

Kinesiology can help support any health and emotional issues.

It is a non intrusive holistic treatment which is a safe and effective, drug-free natural health therapy.

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My journey of kinesiology began with a Foundation Course with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in 2008.  I then went on to train as a Practitioner and Foundation Course Tutor, completing  an Anatomy & Physiology Certificate as part of my qualification.  In 2015 I trained to Diploma Level with The School of Advanced Kinesiology and in 2016 I have now completed a Nutrition Certificate. I have learnt a wealth of skills which are put to good use in helping change Clients lives. In August 2016 I also qualified as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.

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My passion is using Kinesiology to support your health and say goodbye  to all those ailments you have been living with for years!

 Find out how this complimentary therapy can help  improve your Health and Well Being.

I look forward to meeting you and to help you regain a balanced healthy  body through the use of the techniques at Karen’s Kinesiology.

Karen Thrush Dip A.S.K

Contact Karen Thrush 07762054818

Email info@karenskinesiology.co.uk


I took my son to see Karen, he has suffered with eczema since birth and we have eliminated so many things we really didn’t know what was the trigger when he had a big flare up. Karen identified he had a clear lactose intolerance and needed to stick with goats milk products. Karen was also able to release some locked in emotional issues that he was struggling with that interfered with his confidence, particularly at school. He is making great progress and I can’t recommend Karen and this therapy enough.
CM mother from Corsham

Fantastic- I would recommend kinesiology to everyone. Karen is a good teacher and very down to earth. There are lots of simple techniques that anyone can learn for preventative and balanced health, rather than a cure.
PT – Student from Chippenham