7 Health Tips

Feeling OK by not quite right?   Try out these 7 health tips and let me know if you notice any improvements.

1. Drink 2 litres of still water per day.

2. Cut down tea and coffee to 2 cups per day maybe replace with fruit teas or boiled water.

3. Walk for at least 10 minutes per day outside if you can.

4. Cut down on sugar, processed foods and carbohydrates such as bread and cakes.  These can often make you feel tired.

5. Eat lots of fresh green organic veg every day.

6. Set time aside for relaxation every day.

7. Minimise the amount of time spent on the computer and mobile phone, these can drain your energies.  Maybe buy some crystals to help protect you from the effects they are having on you.

If you would like to add any extra simple health tips, I would love to hear them.

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