Happy Pancake Day

Tasty Almond Pancakes – Great if you are Gluten Free – taste delicious give them a try.

HIGH PROTEIN ALMOND PANCAKES  (recipe for 2 people)

These are outrageously great.  I recommend them for breakfast as they give sustained energy until lunchtime.  I love them with coconut butter and a little honey or sheep or goat’s yogurt and fruit.  They are also great with just a small amount of smoked salmon.


1 cup of ground almonds.

2 eggs.

A quarter cup of water.

2 tblsp olive oil.

Pinch salt.

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and then cook as you would normal pancakes.  They are best kept reasonably small so that they are easy to turn over with a spatula without breaking.

You can also vary the taste by including the grated zest of an orange or adding a pinch of cinnamon.


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