How many Kinesiology sessions will I need?

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This will very much depend on how long you have had your problem and how severe the problem is and whether or not you are prepared to make any necessary life style changes.

Often it is like skinning an onion, one layer is removed to reveal another layer which needs addressing and so on…

Initially you should expect to have an initial session plus at least 3 more monthly sessions and then depending on how you are, probably bi-monthly until you are feeling in good health. It is recommended to have a treatment every 3 months to maintain good health or monthly if you have a very stressful life .

The initial session usually takes up to an hour and a half hours and all follow up sessions are for 50 minutes. but is often good to allow an hour.

There will be a consultation fee for the initial session plus the cost of any nutritional supplements required.  After the initial session we will assess which Care Plan option will be suitable for you going forward.  Various plans are available  3 months, 6 months and 12 months .  There is also an option to pay as you go per session but is often good to make a commitment on both parts for a few months.

All fees MUST be paid on time as agreed according to the Care Plan Agreement.

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