Kidney Cleanse

Day 3 of my kidney cleanse and feeling good.  A slight headache first thing but soon gone after drinking water and my first 2 glasses of the Master Cleanse.  I am doing a 5 day cleanse without fasting just drinking 2 litres of Master Cleanse a day, eating only fruit, vegetables and salad, plus drinking kidney cleansing teas and glasses and glasses of water.  There is really no time to feel hungry as there is so much to drink, I am struggling to find time to fit the food in.  This is the first cleanse I have done, I have often thought about doing one but never got there, if you want to do a cleanse you must time it so that you do not have meals out or social engagements booked that would make it more difficult for you to manage the cleanse around.  There is  a vast amount of information in books and on the internet regarding the Master Cleanse.  The Master Cleanse is made from lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water.

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