Kinesiology Course Level 1 Completed

Another year has passed and with that has bought a new batch of students wanting to learn to practice Kinesiology. As a qualified, Practioner and Tutor of Systematic Kinesiology I have been teaching courses over the past 7 years.

This year my class room is brimming with positive energy as my willing students embark on their own journey towards helping both themselves and others reap the benefits of health and well-being management.level 1 kinesiology course

Last week, my students studied Level 1 of the Balanced Health Foundation Course. This syllabus involved learning a number of the fundamentals which underpin Kinesiology. Each level of the course is taught over a weekend, with students attending classes between 9:30-5:30pm on both Saturday and Sunday, they then have a month to revise the syllabus, create their portfolio of case studies and practice the techniques before moving onto the next level.  Below is a review of some of the topics taught on Level 1.

What Does Level 1 Kinesiology Teach You?

How to muscle test

Muscle testing is every Kinesiologist’s bread and butter, it’s a tool used to communicate with Clients bodies. Muscle testing can identify a whole host of issues including; food sensitivities,emotional distress, energy imbalances which can be hindering their health. As part of the Level 1 course, I teach students how to use 8 different muscles to identify imbalances and how to support them.

How to release emotional stress

By learning how to balance emotional energies flowing through our bodies, my students learn how to help both themselves and their future clients manage and clear emotional stresses. Emotional stress puts our bodies into fight or flight mode and causes us to behave irrationally, make poor decisions and have low mood. By balancing both the subconscious and conscious to remove any emotional stress, we can restore our bodies back to their natural rhythm and clients begin to feel and act like themselves again.

How to test food and supplementskinesiology muscle testing

One of the most common reasons clients come to see a Kinesiologist is to help out with food sensitivities and chemical imbalances. For many this is just the tip of the ice berg however, it’s always a good place to start. During the level 1 weekend, students are introduced to how to use muscle testing to decipher if any food sensitivities are present and which supplements are needed to help balance a client’s health.

How to interpret meridian energy

Used by Ancient Chinese civilizations, the meridian lines are the bodies energy highways. When the flow of energy is blocked it can cause fatigue, low energy and a whole host of health issues. Students are introduced to the 14 meridians which flow around our bodies and introduced to techniques for improving the flow of  these energies.

Techniques to improve learning, reading and writing

Students are taught how to test for learning blocks and several simple techniques to rectify these blocks.  These are great techniques for any young and old, it is never to late to improve.

I’m looking forward to sharing more exciting techniques on the Level 2 weekend, keep your eyes peeled for my next post!

If you are interested in learning to practice Kinesiology and would like to book onto my next course. Please contact Karen on 07762054818.

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