Looking to train in something new not quite sure?

Are you looking to enhance your life or help others, why not train in kinesiology or add it to your existing skills?

Enrollments are now open for next Course starting 1 October in Swindon.

Or perhaps you want to find out how kinesiology could help you?

I am running FREE informal taster meetup sessions throughout July and August for anyone who wants to find out more about kinesiology and how it helps people improve their health and well being.

I will provide an overview of kinesiology highlighting how kinesiology can help you and also the techniques that will be learnt on the beginners training course.

If after the taster you decide to enroll for the beginners training you will receive £50 discont off of the total course fee, if booked within 5 days of the taster.

If after the taster you decide to book a treatment with in 5 days of attending the taster you will receive £15 off your first session.

Kinesiology is simply the best thing I have every learnt and I enjoy helping so many others to benefit from the wonderful techniques I have learnt.  I am keen to share kinesiology with as many people as I can as everyone needs kinesiology in their life.

To book a Taster Meet Up session please call me 07762054818 or email info@karenskinesiology.co.uk.

Each Taster Meet UP session will be limited to a maximum of 5 people so you will all get a chance to experience kinesiology.


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