Merry Christmas and Healthy 2015

Another year is nearly over have you got your health in the best place in 2014?

Are you confused about all the nutritional advice out there and not sure which supplements will help you?

Struggling to know what to do to improve your health?

Is 2015 going to be the year you decide to change your health and lifestyle for the better?

If the answer is YES to any of the above Karens Kinesiology maybe the answer to help you to facilitate the changes you are wishing to make.

Muscle test 1(668x800)


The language of muscle testing is used during kinesiology sessions to communicate with your body to establish what  factors are helping or hindering your health.

The 4 main factors which kinesiology works with are:



STRESS -emotional issues past and present have a huge impact on health and well being. Kinesiology uses many wondrous techniques to help clear stress old and new and give you techniques to manage stress going forward.

CHEMICALS – food sensitivities, nutritional supplements, hormones, toxins.  All of these need to be identified and managed for good health to flourish.

ENERGIES – balancing the bodies energies is key and also identifying energy drains so these can be kept to a minimum.

PHYSICAL – there is also help at hand for structural problems and kinesiology can provide techniques to help relieve these and also improve circulation and lymph flow using various techniques.

The best person to heal YOU is YOU kinesiology offers you the answers and techniques to facilitate your healing.

Profile Pic 3 (625x800)  Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Health Happy 2015.

 Hope to see you  soon in 2015. Xx

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