TJ Swindon

I have been having regular Kinesiology treatments with Karen for years and it is my preferred holistic therapy. Rather than go to a Doctor for any ailments and have only the symptoms treated with medication I know very little about, Kinesiology will get to the root cause of the imbalance by Karen checking all my body’s circuits through muscle testing and naturally, I prefer to know the cause of why something isn’t right with my body and address that rather than merely symptoms. My body will then tell me what it needs to heal via Karen’s expertise, which will always be one or two natural balancing solutions such as herbal remedies or nutrition. I will even go for a balance every now and again without having any particular reason to because I always feel better afterwards.

I am also mindful that the reason you won’t hear about Kinesiology on the NHS or in a Doctors surgery’s is because it is a powerful healer and there is no profit in healthy people, which indicates to me it must be worth paying for!

For me, Kinesiology is my preferred health advisor, the benefits of which are grossly underrated and if any of my friends or family have a health complaint, I always suggest that they have Kinesiology treatments before anything else.

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